Thursday, May 15, 2014

L'Estate of State

Young Daughter: "Daddy, we can't go in here too?  [Just] like Greece?"  - 10.11.2013

A forthcoming discussion of the first three US Presidents coming soon... this summer.

Book Discussion :
Achenbach's -  The Grand Idea: George Washington's Potomac and the Race to the West
McCullough's -  John Adams 
Meacham's - Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power

This post will pick apart relevant business decisions of America's first three Presidents; consequentially, an analysis of private property rights being "self evident" and "unalienable" will be examined.  How are these "truths" "upheld"?

A contrast, if any, will be identified from other western nation states as issues raised below.

How do micro-nation's continue?  E.g. Vatican and Monaco.

What are the functions of mini-nation's?  Luxembourg or Lichtenstein.

Why are some monarchies still operating?  UK, Spain, Sweden and Norway?

What gave rise to nationalistic "republics?"  Germany, France, Greece?

Why do none of the America's founders' families hold fee title to their ancestor's estates?